Navigating Justice - PEACE OF MIND FOR FAMILY

The time has come when your loved one will be released from serving their time of incarceration.  You know that their time in jail or prison has not been easy for them, and it’s been hard on you, too.

Whether the “release” is from incarceration or from ending a divorce or child custody battle, it is important to address this phase – the transition away from court involvement and into healing – with the right information and support. It is just as important as learning and hiring the right team before going to court in the beginning, before you find out just how complicated and traumatic the process will become.

But now that you are on the other side of hearings, sentencing and serving time in the system, it’s time to prepare for what comes next.

You may have wandered aimlessly over the past several months or years doing the best you can to handle the stress of supporting your loved one emotionally because you did not know Navigating Justice is here.  You are exhausted, weary and finally seeking help and support because you do not know what the next step should be.

You do not need to continue this journey all alone. Our Navigators and the programs run by our community partners will help you heal from the heartache, trauma and loss while your loved one has been ensnared in the justice system.  Are you ready for a fresh start?  Contact us today so that we can support you and your loved one as we build a better after-care community and complete your justice journey by Navigating Justice together.

Support is available with Navigating Justice to help families when a loved one comes home from jail.

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