Thriving, Not Just Surviving, is Possible with Navigating Justice

Resolving conflict or crisis does not need to equate to total destruction of your mental and physical health, your family and relationships, your property or your business.  Learn more by contacting us here.

Most people will reach out for the appropriate help and support when they have suffered a physical injury.  When you cut your foot, you will get stitches.  When you have a tooth ache, you will go to the dentist.  People do not seek support for the mental and emotional bruising because of various reasons.  Primarily, because they do not know where to turn.

Most individuals who find themselves in the justice system call an attorney or seek assistance because of unresolved trauma that has led to self-destructive behavior.  Inability to resolve conflict in a marriage, generational parenting mistakes and abuse, substance abuse, undiagnosed mental health disorders, create a revolving door of additional traumatic episodes. The data is clear that most parties to a divorce feel traumatized by the entire process.  That includes not just the parties getting the divorce, but their children, their parents and relatives, their friends, their church community and on and on.  Most professionals associated with the justice system are not trauma trained or trauma informed, and unknowingly compound the traumatic experience.

Life is constantly throwing curve balls that disrupt our best laid plans.  When you suddenly find yourself in crisis, the first reaction is to find the outward specialist to assist you.  The doctor to treat the cut, the dentist to treat the tooth, the lawyer to answer the legal question.  However, the emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual impact and needs are very rarely even considered or addressed. 

Navigating Justice was created to support and assist our communities not just survive crisis and conflict but thrive and grow through it.  Our Navigators are ready to help you resolve your conflict and restore your marriage, protect your children and save your assets.  Our Navigators are ready to provide the support you need to maintain your physical and mental health if you are already traveling the stormy waters of the family law justice system for divorce, custody, financial division, etc.  There is a better way of Navigating Justice.

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